Janet settle M.d.



Life’s inevitable challenges are an invitation to transformation.

It is human nature to avoid answering that knock at the door. 
We all start with the belief that something or someone around us needs to change. 
We all hope that we can create an external shift to deliver internal relief. 
But it doesn’t work. 
Lasting liberation from pain comes from answering the particular knock at your unique door, as only you can do.
Despite appearances to the contrary: 
    only you have the power to change your life 
    you have limitless power to change your life
    unimaginable help awaits your lead in this endeavor

Step onto your path as a conscious participant in your own transformation.
    Set the intention to discover the hidden parts of you.
    Acknowledge what is true - inside and outside.
    Accept what you find without judgement. Stretch your capacity to be gentle with yourself. Your treatment of others will follow along. Don’t start with how you treat others (or how they treat you). Start with your relationship with yourself. 
    See your challenges with new eyes. Explore the idea that there is purpose behind your struggle. If we are intended/invited to evolve/unfold in this life, the challenge you face may lead you to your desired destination (wisdom, peace, intimacy).
    Deepen your level of internal dialogue.
    Develop a new relationship with your inner guide, your own infallible compass. This means finding, listening, learning to differentiate intuition from other internal messages and beliefs.

I wish you a blessed journey. May you discover the perfection of your internal compass and the limitless resources hidden in your pack.

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